How to Style this Fall Season's IT Colors

October is upon us and with it all the beautiful colors of fall! Today I will be sharing how to style a couple of this seasons it colors as well as colors to pair with them to create the perfect fall looks. 

Warm Taupe

Warm taupe is arguably the easiest color to style this season. You'll be able to wear this color as any part of your outfit or as an accessory. I recommend using this neutral tone in a bright outfit to tie the look together. This earthy tone can be easily found in stores and is most likely already in your wardrobe. 

As mentioned before, this color can be worn with any color. I recommend experimenting with the colors of the changing leaves. A fall color palette of burgundy, yellow, deep orange, and different shades of green pair perfectly with warm taupe.  

Emerald Green

Emerald green is one of my favorite it colors. It's perfect as an accent color and can be used to accessorize with jewelry and handbags. This jewel tone works beautifully for all you redheads out there! 

Pair this color with mustard yellow! This is my favorite color pairing of the season! It is enchanting and screams fall.


Yellow is definitely a color to watch this season. It works well as both the main focus of a look and as an accent color on accessories and handbags.  Reach for mustard yellow to create a beautiful look for fall. 

Yellow and pink is the color pairing of choice! Yes, it may seem like spring colors but selecting the right shades will make this look 100% fall. Try mustard yellow and dusty pink (another fall it color!) This pairing was seen all over the runway during NYFW. For this reason, it may just be the most popular color pairing of this season.  

Dusty Pink

Dusty pink is a color to wear all year round. It is making a big splash this season and it may be because it is extremely wearable! 

As mentioned before, dusty pink was seen all over the runway paired with yellow during fashion week. This color also pairs well with taupe, and dusty blue. 


I've never been a big fan of orange and not to sound cheesy but rust is a must! This color works beautifully as the main color of your outfit. I have seen it used in everything from pants, to tops, to jackets. Check out faux suede jackets in this color because they are gorgeous! 

This color which resembles red, orange, and brown works wonderfully with these exact colors. I have had quite a bit of fun styling rust this season and you can check it out here 

Hues of Purple

Hues of purple are the darker tones of fall. I like to treat dark shades of purple as if they were black. Purple tops, bottoms, faux leather jackets, and even pantsuits are great for this season.  

Pair this color with yellow and orange for a bright pop!

I hope that with these tips you will be able to incorporate some of these colors into your fall looks. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post and be sure to follow along on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter where I will be sharing 31 DIY Halloween Costumes, that's one for every day of October!