How to Make Business Casual Fun

When it comes to business casual it can become routine to gravitate toward neutral colors, but you don't have to! Spicing up your outfits can be easy and fun. Today I will be sharing some tips on making your business casual look fun yet professional. 

Start with the Basics

It's almost always easier to start off with the basics. For this outfit, I began with a pink blouse by WAYF that I purchased from Nordstrom Rack. If you are looking to build up your business casual wardrobe you should definitely check out the brand WAYF because they have unique and excellent quality tops, dresses, and more. I also wore Long Pixie Pants from Old Navy. These pants come in many different colors and patterns and they are great for business casual. There is one drawback to these pants though, they collect lint like nobody's business. If you haven't made it a habit to carry a lint roller with you (It's actually kind of fun..yes crazy I know) then I would definitely recommend going for their lighter colors because you won't notice the lint at all! I also went with a pair of Payless' Comfort Plus Heels. They are affordable, comfortable and you can wear them the whole day without having your feet getting tired. 

Add a Pop of Color

This is where the fun part begins! Choose which item will be your pop of color. Depending on where you work and how strict your dress code is, it can be your blouse, skirt, pants, heels, dress, or even your handbag. Instead of going with these bright pink heels I opted for a bright pink top with nude heels and a matching blazer from Gap. Remember, it's all about finding the right balance for you. 

Add a Statement Piece

Adding a statement piece can really make your outfit stand out! You can do this by adding a statement necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc. One of my favorite places to get affordable accessories is Burlington Coat Factory. I scored this statement necklace for under $15. I find some of the best statement jewelry for great prices in Burlington's physical locations (online is alright, but in stores is awesome.) Another plus is that they carry some high end brands like BCBG and Michael Kors. 

I hope you have all enjoyed this post and stay tuned because I have a lot of content coming your way!